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December 5, 2012
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Gothstrike and Natell entered Guardian Hall. Gothstrike was using her staff to help balance herself. Her head was pounding, and she was having trouble focusing. She walked into the lab, and saw several Polygirls running around doing various things. Gothstrike smiled and said "Hey Poly. I've had one fuck of a day. I hope you have some news for me."

One of the Polygirls looked at Gothstrike and replied "Yeah, I do. Who's this?" she asked.

Gothstrike answered "This is Natell. She is one of the ladies at Paudraic's. She came to make sure I got home, and to help me figure out what's happening. She's psychic."

Polygirl raised her eyebrows "Psychic huh? Why do you need a psychic? Anyways, the phone belongs to a Father Michael Lebowitz, in Montreal. I've got QS looking into it. Also Angie is looking into things on the Angel Falls side of things."

Gothstrike groaned "You got a Tylenol or something? My head is pounding. I was set-up at Paudraic's. Some ex-military guys made it look like I paid them off to attack a singer. The singer is a metahuman of some sort. She had a hypersonic scream or something that took me and the soldiers down."

She was about to let Polygirl reply, but quickly added "Oh, and the soldiers were hired by Mr. Untouchable."

Polygirl replied "Well things are getting complicated then. Did you read about the crucifictions we had? Well, there is a person behind them, well actually a person who is possessed by something behind them. Anyways, that person, Ashkii, well, he has a history here in Angel Falls. When he went to school here, his teacher was Michael Lebowitz."

Gothstrike looked surprised "Really? That seems like quite the coincidence. He is in Montreal, the birth-place of the leader of the Canadian Syndicate, and is still influencing things here in Angel Falls?"

Polygirl nodded "Yeah. Messed up right?" Gothstrike nodded. "Yeah it is."

Natell, quiet until now, interjected. "The singer you attacked. I believe she has connections to this Canadian Syndicate you mentioned."

Gothstrike and Polygirl both turned to look at the alien. Polygirl said "Really?"

The side door to the lab opened. A well-built blonde man walked into the room. "Canadian Syndicate? What about them." Gordon asked.

Polygirl turned to Gordon with a smile "Gordon! Perfect, we need to ask you some things."

Gothstrike turned and snarled.

All eyes were on Gothstrike. With an almost inhuman scream, Gothstrike suddenly charged Gordon, flipping over him. Focusing her chi into her leg, she kicked Gordon in the back, sending him flying across the room.

Gordon picked himself up off the floor, he seemed to stand several inches taller. He turned around "What the hell are you doing Gothstrike?"

Gothstrike advanced menacingly towards Gordon and replied "This is the fate that all traitors face, Raging Bull." Focusing her chi, she started to pummel Gordon from across the room.

Several of the Polygirls ran to Gothstrike. One grabbed her from behind with all four arms. "Stop it Gothstrike. Gordon didn't betray us."

Gothstrike snapped her head back, smashing the back of her head against Polygirl's face. The Polygirl vanished as Gothstrike's head broke her nose. She charged at Raging Bull, using her superior fighting skills and chi enhanced blows to beat the ex-con-turned-hero.


Gordon was trying to block Gothstrike's attacks. He didn't want to hurt her. But something was wrong. The Occupant must have gotten to her. Messed with her mind or something. Gothstrike was good. He never realized how skilled she was. He was barely able to block any of her blows. Blood was already running down his nose.

Snarling, Gordon suddenly bear-hugged Gothstrike, tackling her to the ground. "Got you now. Stop this. This isn't you. You've got to snap out of it." Suddenly he felt one of her energy attacks hit him in the stomach. The force of the attack propelled up upwards, off of her. Then, he crashed into the ceiling. Gravity took over and Gordon found himself falling to the ground. Polygirl had grabbed a netting gun, and was aiming it at Gothstrike.

Gothstrike rolled out of the way, as Gordon smashed into the ground. Polygirl adjusted her aim, and fired, catching Gothstrike in a net.

Gordon got up and tackled Gothstrike again. "Poly! Get that psychic thing you and Ryu were working on."

Polygirl split in two, one going to get the item, while the other one asked "Why? She isn't psychic."

Gordon growled "No, but I think it will help."

Natell was suddenly there. She touched Gothstrike and said "Yes, there is something in there. Someone invaded her mind. Someone very powerful. Hold her down for a moment, sir."

Gothstrike projected her chi from her, in all directions. Gordon and Natell went flying, and the net was ripped to shreds. She stood up and went after Gordon. A kick to his face sent Gordon reeling backwards. Gordon was standing almost 6 and a half feet now. He wiped the blood from his nose and went on the offensive. He punched, kicked and swung at Gothstrike, but each time, she wasn't there. He didn't even land one blow, but he didn't have to. He just needed to keep her distracted.

The other Polygirl returned with a circlet and went behind Gothstrike. She quickly went foreward and placed it on Gothstrike's head. Gothstrike screamed and clutched her head, falling to the ground. Gothstrike ripped the circlet off with chi-enhanced strength and tossed the pieces to the side.

Seeing her opening, Natell scrambled forward and grabbed Gothstrike's head. Her mind went into Gothstrike's like a spear, striking at the psychic suggestion planted there.

Gothstrike went limp, crashing to the ground. Gordon looked at Natell and said "Thanks. I think that the Occupant did this to her. He can do things like that."
Part 8 of Gothstrike's return. The reason for her headache becomes very apparent. Gothstrike is used by the Occupant.

The story takes place in the City of :iconangel-fallsda:

Gothstrike and Natell belong to me :icongothenem:

Polygirl belongs to :iconlonestranger: and is used here with permission.

The Occupant, Powerwhine, Quebec Star and Raging Bull/Gordon belong to :iconpathetic-virgin: and used with permission.

Father Lebowitz and Ashkii belong to :iconsireontip: and used with permission.

Mentioned in the story:

Ryu, who belongs to :iconsirdan87:,

Detective Angie who belongs to :iconhotrod5:,

Mr. Untouchable who belongs to :iconleviadragon99:,

and Paudraic's which belongs to :iconpaudraic:

Art done by the talented :iconsean-loco-odonnell:
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andrewr255 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012
Ahhh, now we see some answers. Makes sense the Occupant would want to get to Gordon by any means necessary.
Gothenem Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012
Indeed it does, and when an opportunity presents istelf, he capitalized on it.
FireBrandi Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012
Cool story, I'm enjoying this series. :)
Gothenem Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012
Thank you very much :)
leviadragon99 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012
Ohh, that ain't good, well at least they know she wasn't herself, wonder when the Occupant got to her...

Seems like a few too many variables for a legitimate assasination ploy though.

Oh, and I'm wondering why you included Untouchable in the character appearances/creator credits list, as far as I noticed he wasn't even mentioned in this chapter.
Gothenem Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012
He was, right near the beginning when she was talking to Polygirl.
leviadragon99 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012
Oh yeah... well I guess I was thrown by him not being included in the description field of part 7 when he was actually mentioned a couple of times more there than here, I thought you were only crediting characters that actually were present, which is fine by me anyway, I find it a little silly to cite sources when you're just name-dropping, mentioning that a character exists, I abide by the policy but don't blame anyone that'd skim over such details.
Gothenem Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012
Yes, this was an oversight of mine, and will be corrected. After all, proper credit where credit is due.
leviadragon99 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012
Mm, fair is fair and whatnot.
Knight3000 Featured By Owner Dec 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Brazen of this dude!
Emilys friends with both Poly and Gordon and she`ll be pissed!
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