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November 24, 2012
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Gothstrike stepped off the train and looked around at the train station. It was busy this time of day. Looking around, she almost half-expected some crazed super villain, monster, or gang of thugs to suddenly go berserk here, but nothing seemed amiss. Shouldering her backpack she walked to the exit. It was getting late, and after hours on the train, she needed to stretch her legs.

Gothstrike stepped outside the station, and breathed in the fresh air of Angel Falls. The first time she had been here since she left two months ago. Gothstrike thought back to that day...


Two Months ago

Gothstrike had been quiet after the invasion. She went about her usual day, but she was bothered by something. She quietly went to her room in Guardian Hall and packed her bags. She was heading back home to Chicago for a small time. Her mentor had fallen ill, and she planned on making his last days a bit more comfortable.

She held her staff in hand. This was the staff that she used to kill the demon during the invasion. It still had some dings and dents from that event. It was crafted by Polygirl, one of Gothstrike's friends in the Guardians. She placed the staff on its display rack on the wall. There were two other staves there, both made by Gothstrike herself, out of wood. None of them could do what Polygirl's staff could.

She slipped out of her room, quietly making her way to the door. She hated good-buys. She made it outside the Stranger Industries building before one of the Guardians noticed her. General Bardak was walking into the building. He noticed her pack and said "Gothstrike, are you leaving?"

Gothstrike was really hoping to be gone before anyone noticed, oh well she thought, I suppose it was inevitable. "Yes. My mentor in Chicago is terminally ill. I am going to be with him for his final days." She paused for a moment, and then concluded "I'll be back after everything is settled."

Bardak nodded, and said "Please, give our regards then. We will miss having you at Guardian Hall."

Gothstrike smiled, a tear rolling down her face "I'll miss all of you too. Thank you General."

Bardak put his hand on Gothstrike's shoulder "Remember, you have friends here. If you ever need any help, you know how to get a hold of us."

Gothstrike nodded, "I will. Thank you." Then, spontaneously, she gave him a quick hug, and started to walk to the corner the cabs normally sit.

Bardak watched as Gothstrike got into the yellow taxi, and left for the airport.



Gothstrike stared out at the city of Angel Falls. She felt happy here. Fighting the good fight, making a difference. Off in the distance she could see someone flying. She could not tell, from this distance, who it was. Perhaps a villain, ready to hatch a dastardly plan, or perhaps one of the heroes of the city, trying to foil a villain. It was good to be back. With a smile, Gothstrike started walking towards Guardian Hall.

Gothstrike stood outside the Hall. She wondered what sort of reaction her return would elicit. Quietly she opened the door and walked in.

She barely made it three steps into the room when she was tackled by a small woman who was all arms. "Anna! You're Back!" Polygirl yelled, tackling Gothstrike in a hug. She suddenly let go of her and punched her in the arm with two fists.

"Ow, what was that for Poly?"

"For not letting us know you were leaving. Bardak told us he caught you outside. We could have done something. Helped you to the airport. Heck, one of the others could have flown you there themselves. It would have saved you airfare."

Gothstrike gave a shy smile and said "I missed you to Poly, but this was just too private. I needed some time alone on the way there. To think. It's not everyday that you loose your mentor."

Polygirl suddenly put on a somber expression. "I know. I'm sorry I punched you, but we really did miss you here."

Gothstrike grinned "Me too, and next time, I'll beat you at chess."

Polygirl laughed "You wish! You never stood a chance against me."
This story is set in :iconangel-fallsda:

This is featuring the return of my character Gothstrike (who belongs to me :icongothenem:

General Bardak belongs to :iconatomskmaster6:, and used with permission.

Polygirl belongs to :iconlonestranger: and used with permission.

The picture was done by the very talented :iconhotrod5:. Check out his gallery for more great pictures!
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Ahhh, an understandable absence for her then. Poly does make a good point about Goth not needing to slip out like that.
Poly does. Gothstrike is human though, and occasionally subject to mistakes in conduct. Her name does have certain implications though, and not being able to deal with emotional pain very well is a part of that.
A nice goodbye and a fun return.
It's good to see the Goth back in AF! :icongothplz:

Let me know if she needs to see the resident psychiatrist, Dr. Hauptmann. :evillaugh:

lol, will do. She is ok for now though.
BelRhaza4017 Nov 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
welcome back to the super craziness that is Angel Falls, my friend, and hello again, Gothstrike!
Thank you, and it's good to be back. I am hoping to collaborate with a few others, and get Gothstrike in some more stories, and other AF Favs in some of Gothstrike's stories.
BelRhaza4017 Nov 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
cool with me, drop me a line if you think that she would be interested in a few stories w/ any of my OCs, pal
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